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Supervisors Legal Update is an online resource center and a bi-monthly fast-read newsletter that is dedicated to helping HR keep their organization’s managers and supervisors from making costly mistakes in their daily interactions.

Train quickly and efficiently

Keep your supervisors out of legal trouble and teach managers how to engage difficult employees with our "Customizable Training Center." Featuring ready-to-use modules that can be customized to your unique workplace or policies with engaging tools that include PowerPoint presentations, ready-to-use quizzes and so much more.

Advice on handling everyday situations

Our supervisor scenarios are an ideal way to provide ongoing training and reinforcement of key concepts without taking the time for formal training. Supervisors love the “fly on the wall” feel of these real-life workplace dramas and the clear guidance they give on how to handle everyday challenges.

Quick reinforcement at your fingertips

Easily find targeted training materials, articles and plain-English guidance on the employment law topics that matter most to you via our "Online Resource Center." Access important information on federal and state laws plus how to resolve your legal questions with our FAQ’s- all available wherever and whenever you need it.

Tools and skills to keep you out of court

Take advantage of our monthly “Management Minutes” and “Stay Legal” handouts to ensure that your supervisors have the tools and skills they need to keep your company out of court. Also, gain insight into how other companies stay on the right side of tricky legal issues with our “Stop, Look, Listen…” and “How It’s Done” columns.

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